Professional Damp Proofing Services in Wolverhampton

Not only are the signs of damp visually unpleasant, in the form of peeling wallpaper and staining paint, it can also cause harm to you and your property. If left unchecked, damp can start to rot wood and harbour mould, which has been known to cause respiratory problems.

If you spot the signs of damp, get in touch with Fix 4 U Roofing & Building. Whether you need your old damp proofing replaced or your property has never had it fitted, we are a team that delivers results. We only use quality damp proofing materials and supplies from Dryzone, ensuring your home or business is well protected.

What are the Signs of Damp?

It’s important to call on our professionals at the earliest opportunity if you spot any of these signs to reduce the risk of large, more costly repair work being required further down the line:
  • Peeling and/or discoloured wallpaper
  • Water droplets on painted walls
  • ‘Rings’ appearing on walls and ceilings where the damp is drying out
  • Flaking paintwork
  • ‘Musky’ smell around the property
  • Wet carpets or peeling laminate flooring
  • Black mould on surfaces

Resolving Problems with Rot

In addition to helping you prevent damp, we can also help if you’re experiencing issues with woodworm, dry or wet rot. We can apply tried and tested treatments and preventative measures in your home to protect your wooden components.

If the rot is too far gone, we can replace sections with freshly treated wood and carry out other building repairs to prevent the problem coming back. If you can catch the issue early, it can prevent further damage occurring to your property later.

If your Wolverhampton property requires damp proofing treatment, or you would like to find out more about this particular service, please get in touch with our team today.

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